Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wedding Photography Ideas

I have been working on wedding photography ideas recently using an exciting trendy new creative panorama technique for creating images on location in a Midlothian garden near Edinburgh. So you can see beautiful images can be made in very little space, just a little bit of imagination and planning.
Here my sister and I have gone for the idea of a black wedding dress and veil for a unique wedding concept, helped by the unusually sunny Scottish weather.
I think that back lighting in photographs has a flattering slimming effect for interested brides. A gold reflector was used to give the pictures a warm glow on my niece Bonamy.
It is great fun experimenting with ideas which can help you with your wedding planning and you will know that your photos will have the wow factor.
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A black wedding gown back lit by a late evening sun.
Black Wedding Dress
Wedding fashion bridal portrait ideas using natural light and reflectors.
Natural Beauty

Here are some more photos of Bonamy using the panorama technique known as the Brenizer Method. This kind of photography requires so much practice because it is anything but straight forward and needs so much concentration. The idea is to make a large canvas with a wonderful bokeh using a narrow area of sharp focus and a wide angle of view.
You should try out such a portrait session you will have so much fun as my model here did, I guarantee your images will be flattering and you will have something special to keep.

Panorama portrait in a summer garden using the Brenizer method of photography
Summer Garden Portraits


  1. These portraits are all beautiful even if I speak as the proud father of this particular model. The two lower photographs are my favourites as they appear to be the most natural. The overall photographic effect is stunning